Inspiring Educators to Explore AI at CTLI for the WCED EdTech Expo

This weekend, educators from across the province converged at the CTLI for the WCED EdTech Expo to dive into 21st-century skills. As they entered to the smooth sounds of jazz, the Cape Teaching and Learning Institution's courtyard buzzed with anticipation for a day dedicated to the intersection of AI and education. Kurt Minaar, a math teacher turned motivational teacher influencer, kicked off the event, setting the stage for a transformative learning experience.

The provincial approach to AI in education is proactive and hands-on. Under the guidance of Christo David (ICT Integration Coordinator at CTLI), the CTLI advocates for the thoughtful integration of AI into educational practices. 

The day also featured two pivotal panel discussions. The first, with Dr. Warren Lilley, Dr. Gillian Arendse, Anita Van Vuuren, and moderated by Gafieza Ismail, tackled "The Ethical Landscape of AI in Education – Balancing Innovation and Responsibility." This panel highlighted the need for ethical considerations when incorporating generative AI in the classroom, urging educators to weigh the professional and personal implications of this technology.

Christo David contributed his insight, underscoring the necessity for AI to complement rather than replace the human touch in education: “There is currently a significant level of both excitement and anxiety among teachers regarding the potential impact of Generative AI on education. The panel discussions hosted at our Edtech Expo marked the initial step in a series of interventions by the CTLI aimed at demystifying this emerging technology for teachers.” Chirsto Davids

The second panel, featuring Prof Dick Ng'ambi, Andrea Staude, Gabi Immelman, and led by Marchelle Foster, addressed "The Classrooms of Tomorrow: Navigating the Integration of AI in Education." This discussion centered on the immense potential of AI to enhance teaching and learning, acknowledging the hurdles educators might encounter while adopting these new technologies.

Mindjoy, an AI platform from Cape Town, which stood out with its interactive workshop. Here, educators were not just passive listeners but active participants, creating AI tutors tailored to their classroom needs. For instance, a teacher from St. Paul's Primary School developed a comprehension tutor that generated reading materials relevant to the students' local environment, including Table Mountain and the BoKaap. Similarly, a math teacher designed a bilingual tutor to help students apply trigonometry in real-life scenarios.

Gabi Immelman, CEO of Mindjoy, emphasized the platform's role: "Mindjoy represents a collaborative space for educators to redefine their teaching experience through AI. We're committed to broadening the reach of specialized knowledge and culturally-relevant teaching methods beyond conventional limits."

The CTLI's EdTech Expo was a testament to the province’s dedication to advancing educational results for students and empowering teachers with the skills to steer through the emerging landscape of AI-enhanced learning.

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