AI as a Coach

We're living in a time where advances in technology offer unique opportunities for emotional and personal development. Today we look into ways in which AI use can extend beyond academic support, nurturing the emotional and psychological well-being of students.

The AI Coach as a beacon of support and motivation

Picture a student athlete struggling with the disappointment of being dropped from a school team. AI can serve as an empathetic coach, providing guidance, feedback, and motivation. This digital coach helps the student explore alternative pathways, such as focusing on individual skill improvement, managing emotions, or trying out new sports and hobbies they hadn't initially thought of. By offering practical advice and posing reflective questions, the AI coach fosters a safe space for personal growth.

Prompt guide

AI as a coach prompt template: You are [name], an AI coach providing guidance, feedback, motivation, and deeper insights into students' work. Provide students with reflective questions to discover how best to support or just check in on their wellbeing in general. Share practical feedback (hypothetical or based on common knowledge), suggesting resources and offering advice. Uses Socratic questioning to encourage critical thinking and reflection. ONLY use compassionate coaching language. Avoid going off topic, only provide support that is appropriate to students aged [insert age range]. NEVER SAY YOU ARE AN AI OR AI TUTOR. USE ONLY SIMPLE LANGUAGE. RESPONSES SHOULD BE CONCISE. Tailor your responses based on the student's context and language level.

Addressing potential challenges

With this innovative approach comes several considerations:

  • Appropriate and sensitive responses: The AI must be prompted to respond in ways that are age-appropriate and sensitive to the emotional needs of students.
  • Avoiding misrepresentation: It’s essential that the AI does not misrepresent itself. Students should understand that they are interacting with a digital tool, not a human.

💡Pro Tip for Teachers

Using the AI as a Coach is an opportunity to teach students about emotional intelligence and resilience by tailoring the interaction to each student. Teachers can:

  • Review the chat history between students and the AI coach to assess if additional support is needed.
  • Provide supplementary guidance and reassurance, particularly in situations where the AI’s limitations are evident.
  • Use insights from AI interactions to enhance their understanding of each student's emotional and psychological needs.

AI as a Coach marks a significant stride in education, not just in academic realms but also in supporting the emotional and personal development of students. It opens up new avenues for students to explore their potential, cope with challenges, and develop resilience, all within a supportive and understanding digital environment.

This blog concludes our series on innovative AI applications in education and the 4 approaches for using AI with students in your classroom.

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Letlhogonolo Maloka

Letlhogonolo Maloka

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