Mindjoy's Research Program: Exploring the Impact of AI on Education

Mindjoy's Research Program is an exciting opportunity for researchers conducting studies on the impact of AI on education. Through collaborations with researchers, the program aims to demonstrate Mindjoy's commitment to building a product that supports young people in developing 21st-century skills, particularly within STEM education.

At Mindjoy, technology has the potential to transform education, but it's important to understand the benefits, risks, and implications of using AI in learning environments. By partnering with researchers, we can contribute to a broader understanding of the impact of AI on education and inform the development of evidence-based practices.

πŸ•ΊπŸ•Ί What Kind of Partnerships Are We Excited About?

We are particularly interested in research that explores:

  • The role of AI in Augmenting Teachers.
  • The role of AI in STEM (Science, technology, Engineer and Maths) and CS (Computer Science/ Coding) education.
  • The role of AI Chatbots in Education
  • The role of AI in promoting and developing 21st Century skills.
  • The ethical implications of using AI in education.
  • The impact of AI on student learning outcomes, including academic, cognitive, social, and emotional development.

πŸ‘©β€πŸ”¬ How Does the Program Work?

Researchers interested in participating in the Mindjoy Research Program must first register their interest by completing a form on our website. The form collects information such as the researcher's name and affiliation, the research project title and description, the number of student/participant licenses required, and the research scope and ethical clearance.

The Mindjoy Research Program team will review all registration requests and approve those that meet specific criteria. These criteria include alignment with program goals, researcher qualifications, and the reasonableness of the requested number of student/participant licenses.

Once a registration request is approved, the Mindjoy Research Program team will set up the researcher with a Pro Researcher account on the Mindjoy platform. This account will provide access to limited student/participant licenses, features, and tools to support research activities.

The Mindjoy Research Program team will also support researchers throughout their projects. This support may include technical assistance, resource access, and opportunities to present research findings at conferences and workshops.

✍️ How to Apply

Researchers interested in participating in the Mindjoy Research Program are encouraged to register interest here πŸ‘ˆ

We look forward to partnering with researchers to explore AI's impact on education and build a better future for learning.

Gabi Immelman

Gabi Immelman

I'm the founder of Mindjoy πŸ€“. I'm curious about learning, startups, resilience, systems thinking and the quest for the master algorithm. I wish to create learning contexts that kids call hard fun!
South Africa