Making Mathemagic with Mindjoy ✨

Forget the hype, AI can’t do maths and is practically useless to STEM teachers, right?

Wrong! Well, not if Mindjoy has anything to do with it.

We brought STEM to LLM

In the whirlwind of progress surrounding Large Language Models (LLMs) and their role in AI's evolution, much has been said about their linguistic prowess. Yet, a curious oversight persisted: the models' somewhat underwhelming aptitude for mathematics. This omission cast a shadow over the numerical disciplines, stirring a wave of discontent among STEM educators. In our conversations with teachers from around the world, many have been yearning for AI Tutors capable of guiding students through complex calculations and logical reasoning with precision. The allure of integrating AI into their teaching toolkit was undeniable, but the mathematical reliability remained in question—until now.

Welcome to Mindjoy Maths mode 🤓

What is Maths mode?

Maths mode is a direct response to this feedback from STEM educators seeking more effective AI tools for their classrooms. This feature allows educators to create AI Tutors that can leverage correct calculations and actually do proper maths. It makes STEM subjects not just more accessible but also more exciting for students.

Why the focus on Maths mode? 

LLMs are very capable when it comes to text and conversational type responses, but their reasoning doesn’t quite work when it comes to Maths, and simply changing the prompt doesn’t always fix the problem.

We chose to focus on Maths mode because every STEM teacher deserves a partner in education that values precision in calculations as much as they do. We understood that for these teachers and their learners, the precision of mathematical equations, notations, and formulas is very important, and traditional digital platforms often fall short in accurately representing these elements, leading to misunderstandings and learning barriers. 

To address the problem we improved support for mathematical notations and added a Wolfram Alpha integration to the platform to help with complex calculations that go beyond what normal LLMs are trained to do.

As a result, our platform's enhanced notation-support goes beyond the limitations, offering a robust solution that:

  • Faithfully reproduces the intricacies of mathematical equations, notations, and formulas,
  • Provides peace of mind for accurate calculations,
  • Offers the ability to view and work with mathematical plots, shapes and graphs.

This isn't just about getting the symbols and the calculations right; it's about unlocking the true potential of digital learning for STEM education.

What can it really do?

Imagine students not just arriving at the correct answer, but understanding the journey it took to get there. The combination of our Maths mode and Socratic mode, ensures students are not just passively being given answers, but are actively learning. This dual functionality crafts a learning experience where curiosity leads and comprehension follows.

The use of Socratic mode ensures that students are guided to the answer and not simply given the answer

Do your learners need something visual to help them grasp the concepts a bit better? With Maths mode enabled, AI Tutors can provide various visuals that go hand-in-hand with personalised explanations.

Maths mode can cover a wide variety of Maths related topics which include:

  • Algebra
  • Calculus
  • Trigonometry
  • Analytical Geometry
  • Statistics and Probability
  • And more...

Welcome to the future of STEM education, where accuracy and engagement go hand in hand.

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Letlhogonolo Maloka

Letlhogonolo Maloka

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